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End of Daylight Saving Time Brings AO Child Visibility Program

30th Oct 2015

Academic Outfitters of Houston is offering a free safety logo program for children to help them be more visible after dark.

Now thru December 15th, Academic Outfitters will apply a safety logo free of charge to a student’s backpack, jacket or other garment (limit 1 logo per child while supplies last, other restrictions may apply, additional logos available for purchase). The logo is made from a non-toxic, reflective vinyl material that will be heat pressed onto the item. This material reflects light, allowing motorists to better see the carrier. With the end of Daylight Savings Time, school kids will more likely be out after dark, and this logo will help them be more visible.

School uniforms are really all about the safety and comfort of the students and we’d like to extend that safety concern to after school and after dark. This safety logo program is just one way we give back to the community that supports us.