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Need a day to promote your business?

26th Oct 2015

Any day is the perfect day to promote your business.  But having a special day makes your company stand out.  Maybe you are a veterinarian and you want to promote your business.  Well, November would be a good time since it is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month.   Or maybe you make a delicious peanut butter.  You should let everyone know that November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month.   

Every day is a special day for someone and your company can build a marketing plan around it.  November has several interesting days and events, such as "Have a Bad Day" Day, Nov. 19th, created for those that are tired of always hearing "Have a Nice Day".  Or how about Family Volunteer Day, Nov 21st this year, designed to get families to kick off the holidays by planning to volunteer together.  Thanksgiving week is National Bible Week.  

Needing a special day to create a unique marketing plan?  Well, don't worry, there is a day, week, or month that will help your company get noticed.